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FUJITSU FUTRO C400 Thin Client


FUJITSU FUTRO C400 Thin Client

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  • Processor OTHER
  • OS Linux
  • Oplagring 0GB
6.830,- inkl. moms

Fujitsu FUTRO C400

The small, reliable Fujitsu FUTRO C400 access device is the optimal, energy-saving solution for your multi workplace system at a fraction of the cost of entry-level PCs. Through a connection to the host desktop it maximizes the usage of your PC at the lowest cost per seat.
Convincing full desktop experience of up to 30 users will definitely redefine multi workplace computing.

  • Minimum hardware and energy cost spending
  • Reduced manageability and service- ability effort
  • Full desktop experience of up to 30 connectable users
  • Connectivity of a wide range of peripherals
  • Low failure rate and minimal user downtime

The host PC ESPRIMO P5731 as heart of the Multi Workplace Computing solution comes preconfigured and is preinstalled with Microsoft® Windows® MultiPoint® 2010 and vSpace™ software. Basically any standard PC which is able to run the obligatory software can be used. Fujitsu offers the ideal ESPRIMO PC with solution optimized configuration
to grant full desktop experience for every user. Take the opportunity to refresh to latest technology and get everything plug and play ready out of one hand.

Thanks to the Multi Workplace Infrastructure model, on which the FUTRO C400 is based, all applications and user profiles are managed centrally at the host PC backend and can be stored on a dedicated Fujitsu storage device. This means that no more management is required for each single workplace, saving time and costs for running a
company infrastructure and also enhancing security of confidential data.

The compact access device FUTRO C400 has no moving parts and just serves for interaction with host PC. This reduction of hardware leads to around 45% of savings compared to an entry level PC equipped workplace. Thanks to no need for local installation and easy “plug and play” setup, rollout costs are also reduced. Consuming far less power than a traditional
workplace and lowering the volume of equipment per workplace, the solution achieves up to 50% energy savings and a drastic footprint reduction compared to traditional workplaces.

The new Multi Workplace Computing access device is small and handy and thus saves space on every desktop. As there are no moving parts and all data is centrally stored on the host PC, broken devices can simply be replaced by everyone without losing data or affecting other users in any way. The fan less, compact design grants silent and comfortable working conditions in every situation.

Fujitsu offers out of one hand solutions, meaning all necessary software can be ordered preinstalled and preconfigured on the hardware. The vSpace™ software enabling the delivery of multiple desktops is automatically included. The operating system Microsoft® Windows® MultiPoint® Server 2010 is cost optimized for this MultiWorkplace
computing and its licensing is available in two versions. The academic version allows connecting up to 30 users, whereas the standard version is limited to 10 users max. In addition licenses for applications as well as the client access licenses are needed.

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